• The Journal of the Jesus Movement in Its Jewish Setting

    Shalom! Dr. Eli Lizorkin-Eyzenberg is here. I am writing to recommend a FREE resource for serious students and scholars of Early Jewish Christian origins. It is called the “Journal of the Jesus Movement in its Jewish Setting” (JJMJS). This a scholarly peer-reviewed journal that I was a part of starting about 5-6 years ago. It’s current editor/s are doing fantastic job! I highly recommend it! You may visit it right now and start enjoying the articles that will pick your interest! It’s FREE. Click on this link to start – http://www.jjmjs.org/   Current Issue Description The current issue offers a wealth of approaches and cutting-edge insights to issues that lie at the heart of the purpose of JJMJS. The very concept of ‘religion’ is problematized by Brent Nongbri, who points to the need of reading Paul beyond this type of categorization and shows how things may change when we do. Richard S. Ascough’s study on models for understanding Pauline Christ-groups foregrounds first-century institutional settings (synagogues/associations) in ways that undermine more traditional approaches to the Jesus movement within its Jewish setting. Ralph J. Korner explores Jewish and Graeco-Roman usages of the term ekklesia, usually translated ‘church’ in English bibles, noting how Paul’s use of this word in fact locates his associations socially with Jews, Jewishness, and Judaism. William S. Campbell provides a detailed exegesis of Rom 9:27, leading to fresh conclusions about Paul’s understanding of God’s faithfulness to Israel. Shifting gears from a focus on a specific author, Paul, who in the first four articles provides a point of departure for refined methodological approaches to the dynamics involved in the intersection between followers of Jesus and other forms of Judaism, to investigations of specific locations where traces of ancient Christ-followers and Jews have been found, Thomas A. Wayment and Matthew J. Grey offers the most detailed and in-depth discussion in English ever published on the intriguing Christianos graffito in Pompeii. Then, moving eastward to Syrian Antioch and the fourth century, Christine Shepardson models a new approach to highly rhetorical Christian and Jewish texts as she reconstructs Jewish life in this city between polemics and propaganda. Finally, Miriam DeCock provides an in-depth reading of Daniel Boyarin’s recent controversial book The Jewish Gospels, pointing to key issues raised by the book which are in need of further study.    

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