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About Susie Jones

Susie Jones

The administrator of this blog, Susie Jones, is passionate about helping others unlock the full potential of who they where created to be through knowing God intimately and believing that He is who He says He is. The purpose of this blog is to nurture the truth that Christianity is all about a relationship with God, not just another religion.

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This entire year on (in)courage, we’ve been focusing on the subject of friendship. You’ve shared your stories and we’ve shared ours. We’ve mostly laughed together but also shed a few tears. You’ve told us about your friendship successes and your friendship break-ups. Through blog posts, videos, books, Bible studies (both online and in-person) and (in)real life meetups, we’ve tackled this hard, messy, wonderful topic of friendship — through the lens of Jesus. It’s not the easiest topic, but what we learned is that friendship is a necessity. Not just to have good friends, but to be a good friend. To […]

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