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Black Friday SALE on Your Favorite (in)courage Products!

We hope your bellies and hearts are still full from Thanksgiving. Whether yesterday was a blissful celebration or a day filled with disappointment, we’re pretty sure we can all be thankful for the joy of a good deal!

And we’re super excited to tell you that all of our favorite (in)courage-inspired products at DaySpring are 30% off with code FRIDAY17!

Beautiful and made with meaning, these items would make amazing gifts for the women near and dear to your heart. They would also bless you yourself as a tangible reminder of how God loves you and walks with you.

Here are a few of our favorites:

Just Be You – Cosmetic Mirror ~ Because every woman could use a cute mirror to stash in her purse for a quick spinach-in-your teeth check.

We Saved You a Seat Bible Study by Lisa-Jo Baker ~ Because diving into God’s Word and His heart for friendship is one of the best gifts we can give ourselves and each other.

Have Courage, Take Heart – Canvas Pouch ~ Because when you have to carry all the things, this canvas pouch is the sweetest, prettiest way to keep everything within reach and right where you can find it.

Conversation Stater Jar ~ Because we could all use a little help making our next family meal or small group gathering a little extra intentional and meaningful.

(in)courage 2018 18-Month Agenda Calendar ~ Because we love having a dedicated space to organize our lives, plan, and dream. (And let’s be honest — because sometimes it’s hard to keep track of life’s craziness, and writing it down is a sanity saver!)

Simply enter FRIDAY17 at checkout for 30% off these (in)courage favorites AND everything else on DaySpring.com! 

And be sure to check out all the New Christmas Gifts and Decor! (Candles and Wall Art and Door Banners, Oh, my!)

We’re especially swoony over these gorgeous hand-thrown mugs! (You can buy them separately or purchase this beautiful tray set with all four.)

May your Black Friday be filled with good deals, lots of coffee, and sweet shopping!

Tell us in the comments: What’s your favorite DaySpring product and why? Or do you have an encouraging or memorable day-after-Thanksgiving/Black Friday story? We’d love to hear it!

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