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Dr. Eli needs a volunteer to help with Twitter

BasicCutShalom, my dear blog followers!

There is a great phrase out there: “We are looking for few good men”. To tell you the truth I have no idea who coined this phrase. It is also too patriarchal for my post-post-post modern taste (SMILE). But you know what I mean when I quote it, don’t you?

I am looking for one talented individual to help me to develop my twitter.

If you are considering to volunteer for this, please, MAKE SURE that you check the check list of my STEEP requirements. Warning: You, probably, will find them absolutely unfair.

TWITTER KNOWLEDGE: Previous knowledge is a plus, but not required, I will teach you, but as you will see below I am looking for someone very special.  

Requirement #1: You are a retired person, work only part-time or are stay-home parent with some time on your hands that you want to put into a good use. While this volunteer position does not take a lot of time, it does require you to sign in and out of Twitter at least 4-6 time per day and tweet on my behalf and under my supervision (obviously after some period of training). All in all 2-3 per day.

Requirement #2: You must have either been theologically trained (formal training) with MA in religious studies is a must or you must be one of those rear individuals that have no or almost no formal training, but are self-taught and well-read. (Folks, no offence, but I am going to trust this volunteer with my reputation and so all content has to be exceptional I don’t like passing on to others half-cooked or things to read and watch that are not worth their time. You can go to my twitter even now. First, follow me. Dah!!!! (SMILE) But then most importantly go back some 20-30 of my posts to get some idea what I am doing with it currently (this is roughly what you will do to). Please, click HERE.

Requirement #3: You must have a strong emotional connection with Israel and abiding interest in the Jewish people as a cultural force in our broken world.

Requirement #4: You must be a person that is easy to work with, which means you accept guidance with ease, but you must also be the person with what we call here in Israel with “a big head” (rosh gadol), meaning you are able to think outside of the box and not just follow orders, occasionally sharply disagreeing with me! (SMILE)

Requirement #5: You must have been my follower for some time now (I don’t want to put a time limit on this), but you must be passionately on board with me on most of my ideas. Folks no one is perfect I have to be blind somewhere and so if you can see something I can’t just yet, that’s good. But you need to know roughly what I am all about based on my writings on JewishStudies.eteacherbiblical.com and perhaps my books (although this blog is really the litmus text).

Requirement #6: Your English has to be at least as good as mine. I am not a native English-speaker, but I am OK at it. (SMILE)

BIG BENEFIT: There is one great built-in benefit for the person chosen and qualified among some others. He or she will be able to take any of eTeacher’s courses absolutely free of change for the duration of this volunteer engagement (this could be years!). These courses are costly, so for the right person who wants to study Biblical or Modern Hebrew, Hebrew Bible or Jewish Cultural context of New Testament, but has no funding for it, this is may be huge!

Now… I want to thank you for reading this post and carefully and honestly considering it if you are the right person to apply. If you are, please, write me at Eli.Lizorkin@eteachergroup.com. When you do, please, consider telling me a little about yourself unless we already know each other well. Tell me why you want to do this and why you think you are the right person for this volunteer position.  (I am so overwhelmed by hundreds of emails each day that I probably will not be able to respond, unless you are the right person to be interviewed for this. I will of course every email as I always do). Be direct and assertive. We like it here in Israel (in fact you cannot get almost anything done without it in the Middle East in general!). If you think I should make an exception one requirement in your case, please, explain why you may think so.

For now I want to thank you for YOUR KINDNESS and YOUR SERVANT’S HEART in considering this volunteer position.

Yours in His Firm Grip,

Dr. Eli Lizorkin-Eyzenberg



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