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The Bible: From Confusion to Clarity

This sponsored post was provided by Clarifying The Bible.

You don’t want to waste your life. You want to joyfully follow Jesus and help others do the same. And, you know that meaningful time in the Scriptures, a growing familiarity with the Bible, and a confidence in handling God’s Word are absolutely essential to that end.

But, maybe you’re stuck. In many ways, the Bible is a complex book. It’s thick. It’s long. It can seem disorganized at times. It can be hard to wrap your head around even the basic framework and storyline of the Scriptures. You long for clarity, but often feel confused.

That’s where Mitch Maher’s Clarifying the Bible can help. For over ten years now this resource has helped thousands of God’s people gain a working knowledge of the biblical story. Clarifying the Bible is a two-hour video presentation and workbook that gives viewers the basic framework and storyline of the Bible. The material is presented in a passionate, compelling fashion, and in the end, delivers on its promise to help people see the Bible with more clarity than ever before.

Justin Taylor of Crossway wrote, “This is the best material I’ve seen at an intro level for explaining what’s in the Bible and how it fits together.” Hip Hop artist Tedashii called it “an AMAZING resource.” Author of Grace-Based Parenting Dr. Tim Kimmel said it “will turn God’s Word into a good friend.” Southern Seminary’s Dr. Jim Hamilton wrote, “Clarifying the Bible indeed clarifies the whole Bible.”

Get a feel for this resource by watching some or all of this 29-minute clip of Mitch teaching on Paul’s letters.

After experiencing Clarifying the Bible you’ll engage the Scriptures with much greater confidence, and you’ll feel more equipped to help others dive into life’s most essential book for themselves.

Your Simple Steps to Clarity and Confidence:

  • Order your copy of Clarifying the Bible.
  • Use the included coupon code to download the 2-hour video for FREE.
  • Watch the video at your own pace, taking notes along the way.
  • Enjoy reading the Bible with greater clarity and confidence the rest of your life.

Don’t stay stuck in the lingering confusion. Order your copy of Clarifying the Bible today.

Mitch Maher is the Lead Pastor at Redeemer Community Church in Katy, TX. In addition to his Clarifying the Bible presentations around the country, Mitch is a regular teacher for the Kanakuk Institute and contributor to Downline Ministries. He’s been married to his wife Tara for 17 years, and they have three daughters.

P.S. Pray for Mitch. Over 2,700 dream videos were submitted to Chip Gaines’ (of Fixer Upper fame) #CHIPSTARTER campaign. Mitch was one of six winners chosen. He’s now hard at work to get back in shape with the hopes of reaching the summit of Mt. Rainier in June 2018!

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