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Weekend A La Carte (December 9)

Today’s Kindle deals include just a few deals, but ones worth looking at.

Westminster Books has a deal on volumes of the Reformation Commentary on Scripture.

Thoughts on the Restoration of Fallen Pastors

“When a pastor has disqualified himself from his ministry, is he disqualified from ministry altogether? If so, for how long? Forever? Can he ever be restored? If so, how soon? These sorts of questions are not new, but they do seem more relevant than ever.”

Nine Questions to Ask Yourself to Prepare for 2018

A list of great questions to be asking yourself as we enter into 2018.

A Wise Woman Builds Her Home on Sola Scriptura

“Laura Ingalls Wilder is known for making the observation that ‘home’ is the nicest word there is. Indeed, there is an inherent beauty and sweetness to the idea of home that can almost be felt in the sound of the word itself. Surely this is because that lovely place of shelter, comfort, belonging, and becoming that we call home finds its fullest actualization in our God who is himself inherently hospitable. He is the ransomed sinner’s very home. So it is that as we seek to provide an echo of that hospitality in our own families through the artful cultivation of the home, the warmth of his love is channeled through us, spilling out onto all who are welcomed under our roofs.”

Anger Met With Tears

If your correction of your children is not offered with explicit words of love and encouragement or if you express your ‘legitimate frustrations’ to those around you, then you are most likely saying ‘I do not love you.’”

What Expository Preaching Is Not

“Many preachers reject expository preaching, without really knowing what it is. Others seek to practice it, without really knowing what it is. But you should not react to a caricature of expository preaching. And you should learn a craft before you try to practice it.”

Why Invest In the Men?

Why should a pastor invest in men within the church? Here’s a great answer.

How Our Housing Choices Make Friendships More Difficult

Strip out some of the evolution language here, and there’s lots to reflect on when it comes to adult friendships.

Flashback: It’s Time To Take Your Medicine

What we do is grounded in what God does or has done. To grow in our conviction of gospel logic, Sinclair Ferguson proposes we take a little “indicative medicine.” Here, from his book Devoted to God, is how you can take your dose.

The Bible from Confusion to Clarity

I’m grateful for this weeks blog sponsor, Clarifying the Bible.

We are, by nature, pagan. Either our religion will transform us or we will transform our religion to suit our sympathies. —Michael Horton

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